Fraud Warning:

Simply Get I.T. regrets to advise that our name is being misused by overseas spammers for the issue of fraudulent invoices.

Please note that any invoices sent by us will come from our email address,, and will include an itemised list of all services.

Please note, also, that we have no employees called Matthew and that the only phone contact for our business is the mobile number provided on our contacts page.

The matter has been reported to ACORN (the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network).

So, while our advice to anyone receiving an unexpected invoice from our business is to delete it, we would be grateful if you could forward a copy to us at as evidence of the fraud.

What is Simply Get I.T?

​​Simply Get I.T. provides helpful methods, tips and ‘tricks’ for stress-free use of your modern devices, including Pcs, tablets and smart-phones.

We offer a personalised one-on-one service and an easy, relaxed way to learn all about your new devices in the comfort of your own home.

Would you like to ...


  • Know how to use your phone just like your children and grandchildren?
  • Turn on your new computer or tablet and immediately be able to use it?
  • Raise the level of your computer skills a level or two?

Simply Get I.T. can help you make the most of modern technology to help you keep in touch with family and friends, learn to use on-line tools such as internet banking and government services - and we can advise on what might be the best devices for your needs, even taking you shopping!


We also provide services for small business and tradies - from web-site design and development, helping you to set-up and use social media, and training for you to easily maintain those services to help build your business.

P.S. Looking for a unique gift? Simply Get I.T. Gift Vouchers make an ideal present for family or friends who might be I.T. challenged. 

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 Please note: This service is based in the region of Greater Geelong. While enquiries are more than welcome from outside that area, prices will be varied accordingly.